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Resort Overview

Sometimes, caught up in our day to day lives, we forget that we are also a part of the tapestry of nature.

There are times when we all need to let go of our routines and take the time to realise our true connection with nature. To watch the tides change, hear the wind rise over the salt flats. To watch the flamingos fly low on the horizon. To look up into the unblemished canopy of the stars and watch the moon rise. To listen to the sounds of the ocean meeting the shores. To watch Barracuda, Barramundi and Grouper dart through the reefs in a feeding frenzy. To watch the patterns of your feet mark glowing lines across the sea with bio-luminescent algae as you walk by.

There are a multitude of things to do at Aqua Outback while living in the lap of Nature.

We Aqua Outback would like to provide you with the opportunity to find yourself with nature. Come, explore the wilderness. Re-think your role in the cycle of nature and understand your connection with the greater whole. And, hopefully, return, rejuvenated, to re-live your life as a part of that greater whole.

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The Team

Aqua is a family owned property, that is managed with pride & passion by the Mothas'.The activities & certification courses conducted at Aqua are handled by a young, talented team ably headed by Arjun Motha, himself a certified fitness trainer, champion kitesurfer & all around avid sports enthusiast.

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Tuticorin Town

Tuticorin is one of the oldest port towns in India, and was the seat of Portugese trading in India in the 16th century. It was once called 'Pearl City' because of the pearl fishing that was an integral part of its economy. Today, the coral reefs and lagoons that harboured the pearl-growing oysters are a part of the Gulf of Mannar.

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Live Weather

Tuticorin has warm temperatures year round ranging between 30°C (86°F) and 33°C (92°F) with the drier months of January, February & March offering the best weather.
Blessed with an abundance of strong winds blowing most months, it is a prime destination for kitesurfers.

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Tuticorin Town.

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Visitors have rated Aqua Outback 5 stars for location, cleanliness, service & value, here are some snippets.
"Gem, a hidden place known for warm hospitality & turquoise waters."
"Cant wait to go back. The place is off the beaten path but totally worth it"

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