Wake Boarding Courses

World’s Fastest Growing Watersport

Wakeboarding developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques.

Though the sport had an obscure start, today it is one of the world’s fastest growing water sports being practised for both pleasure and competetion, and the various forms range from freestyle wakeboarding and wakeboard parks to wakeboard competitions at the X Games, WWA Wakeboard World Championships, or similar events.

Aqua Outback offers 2 different levels of wakeboarding courses, as per the details below.

Wakeboarding LV1
Per Session @ INR 2500
  • Drills on land
  • Get in the water with board
  • Practice drills in the water
  • Getting up on the board
  • Signal and hand signal instructor
  • Pulled in crouch position
  • Popping out of the water
  • RIDING – wake boarder
Wakeboarding LV2
Per Session @ INR 2500

Pre- Requisite for LV2 is proficiency in all LV1 skills.

  • Learning to manage the toe rope
  • Carving & turning
  • Riding the wake
  • Switching stance