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Arjun Motha

Arjun Motha, the visionary founder of Aqua Outback, is a prominent figure in India’s kitesurfing community. Renowned as a pro kiteboarder and national champion, his expertise in big air and tricks racing sets him apart. Arjun’s passion extends beyond personal achievements as he trains athletes from across India, nurturing them into national champions. He also plays a vital role in providing alternative livelihoods for locals, inspiring them to embrace kitesurfing and compete in ranking events nationwide. Arjun’s adventurous spirit has led him to explore vast stretches of the Indian coastline on kites and kayaks, uncovering hidden gems. Notably, he is one of only two Indians to clinch the prestigious IKO Instructor of the Week award, reflecting his exceptional teaching skills and dedication to the sport. As a respected board member of the Kiteboarding Association of India, Arjun continues to shape and elevate the kitesurfing landscape in the country.

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I’m chicken looped to kiteing (I’m hooked)

Raoul Dmello

Outrageous wind, professional instructors and tasteful accommodation. This place had the best conditions to do my course. The crew the was fantastic, the equipment was top notch, safety being the highest priority (rescue boat was on standby at all times). Most importantly Arjun has the right vibe to be a kite boarding instructor and it will reflects very much on my future endeavours with kite boarding.

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Loved everything at AquaOutback! 🙂

Prakya Vasudevan

…I went with zero expectations and as is the case with most trips, I let my impulse get the better of me and I’m not complaining this time. I am super pumped I did the kite surfing certification! Arjun, Anaina and the entire AquaOutback staff are warm, fun, amazing and keep you super comfortable! 🤍 Definitely recommend this to anyone looking to do something offbeat. 🙂

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Great quality of learning

Edward Linger

Aqua outback provides a beautiful shallow bay for beginners to start in. The open sea beyond allows progression and some really fantastic wind.

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Best kite school in India

Rishab Jain

Aqua Outback is a wonderful place. Arjun’s teaching skills are exceptional. Learnt quite a lot

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Kitesurfing courses at Aqua Outback

Keona Rajani

Was lovely to learn in the calm, shallow water of the lagoon. Rescue boats were always ready if needed. Beautiful new kites in great condition to use. Wonderful and friendly instructors, overall fun experience

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Dylan Fernandes

Dylan Fernandes, an esteemed kitesurfing instructor, is recognized as one of only two Indians to achieve the prestigious IKO Instructor of the Week award, an honour reserved for top instructors worldwide. With close to a decade of experience, Dylan has not only trained multiple Indian national champions but has also represented his country as a national champion himself. Additionally, he has imparted his knowledge to students from over 20 different nationalities across more than 5 countries. His dedication to safety and personalized instruction, combined with his effective teaching style, have played a pivotal role in advancing the kiteboarding community’s growth.

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Awesome Kite Instructor

Maximilian von Duering

Dylan is a very patient and friendly teacher. His tips unlocked my riding skills upwind and also the transitions. I can highly recommend him to anyone who is into kiting, no matter the level.


Best kite school in INDIA


Saran Kumar

Best training with Dylan. I recommend aqua outback watersports for people who wanna learn and progress in kiting.

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I am so grateful to Dylan


Prathima Muniyappa

In the 14 something months since December last year, I’ve had 7 kitesurfing instructors, one of whom was a pro world champion kiter, and it was Dylan fernandes, who helped me get my water start, and it was under his gentle, patient and lucid instruction that I was able to get the long beautiful rides that I had always aspired towards!

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Kitesurf learned with utmost ease

Govind C G

The instructor has given priority to the safety and comfort of the students, which has helped us learn to kitesurf with such ease. His attention to the students has also contributed well to the overall performance of the students. We were made aware of the dangers that could be faced and how we should resolve them with ease. Overall the course was conducted in a well-oriented manner with a very safe atmosphere.

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Kanha Bakeri

Learning to kite at this school, from my instructor, Dylan, has been such an amazing experience. He gives you his 100% to you. It couldn’t have gotten any better. Thanks a lot Dylan!

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Hospitality Team

Anaina K. Motha

Anaina’s professional background spans marketing and event coordination, with experience in various publications like The Hindu. As the wife of Arjun Motha, her role at Aqua Outback encompasses event production, social media marketing, and overseeing daily operations. Fitness is a shared passion for the couple; Anaina has been a professional Latin Ballroom Dancer and conducts special art and dance workshops for children.

The Crew