Arjun & Anaina

Arjun and Anaina are the proud owners of Aqua Outback, a thriving water sports and fitness centre located on the stunning Indian coastline. 

As a passionate kiteboarder, Arjun Motha has made a name for himself in the national kiteboarding community, taking first-place position in the Goa national kiteboarding regatta and second place in the first and second national regattas which organized at Aqua Outback.

In addition to his kiteboarding achievements, Arjun is also a highly qualified and experienced fitness instructor. He specializes in calisthenics, strength training, and high-intensity workouts, helping clients to achieve their fitness goals in a practical and engaging way.

Anaina is a highly accomplished dancer, Gold Bar certified in both Ballet and Ballroom. She has a deep passion for inspiring others, in particular the younger generations, to discover their love for free-flowing movement and self-confidence through her dance camps and workshops. Her positive energy and encouragement have helped countless individuals to find their rhythm and express themselves through dance. At Aqua Outback, Anaina’s dance programmes have become an integral part of the centre’s offerings, attracting participants of all ages and skill levels.

Together, Arjun and Anaina bring a wealth of expertise and passion to Aqua Outback. Their shared love of water sports, fitness, dance and the outdoors has created a unique and dynamic environment that caters to the needs of a diverse clientele. With their infectious enthusiasm and dedication to helping others achieve their goals, Arjun and Annaina are the driving force behind the success of Aqua Outback.