Feb 9 , 2024

Why are we the “Best Kitesurfing School in India?”

Attention, adrenaline junkies! Here’s some exciting news for you. Are you in search of the ultimate kiteboarding adventure in India? Are you longing for thrilling winds, breathtaking views, and delicious food to fuel your energy? Look no further than Aqua Outback in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. Situated along Tamil Nadu’s east coast, our location offers unparalleled […]


Apr 20 , 2023

Arjun & Anaina

Arjun and Anaina are the proud owners of Aqua Outback, a thriving water sports and fitness centre located on the stunning Indian coastline.  As a passionate kiteboarder, Arjun Motha has made a name for himself in the national kiteboarding community, taking first-place position in the Goa national kiteboarding regatta and second place in the first […]


Gulf of Mannar

Mar 25 , 2023

Changing coastline at Aqua

This monsoon season a larger than usual amount of sediment was deposited in Hamilton Bay at Aqua. This caused a sand bank to begin forming at the river mouth, consisting noticeably of different sand to the naturally occurring sand in the area. The white colour is evident of river deposit compared to the darker sand […]


Mar 2 , 2023

New boat at Aqua

After a long search for the perfect rescue boat and tour boat for the activities team at Aqua, a pair of German made aluminum tenders appeared for sale in the local area.  Despite being lighter than the GRP vessel previously in operation here, these new boats provide considerably more room and are already exhibiting greatly […]